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It only takes 13 days...

It only takes 13 days… That was the hashtag of the wedding, but the meaning goes much further. I am a hopeless romantic. One of those who used to read Harlequin novels when she was young and even exchanged them with a friend’s mother. And yes, I believe in love, in marriage and in commitment. That’s why this wedding was so significant: it encompassed all of those things. One of my best friends was about to say “I do” with the love of his life. His soulmate. One of those moments that remind you that love exists and that it is wonderful.

I remember that first text message Brian sent to tell me he had met someone, Josh, and that, well... was the one. As soon as I heard this I couldn’t wait to meet him, to know what he was like, how he looked at Brian, how he spoke to him, really I wanted to know If he loved Brian the way he deserved to be loved. As someone who loves Brian deeply, that was very important to me. But, I had to wait months to meet him.

I loved listening to the stories about Josh, of their experiences, what they did, the plans. Until one day the photo arrived: they had gotten engaged. Josh had planned the most special engagement... Now, it was really for me to meet him. So, this past summer I got on a plane to Las Vegas to finally meet this man who’d swept my friend off his feet.

Honestly, I was nervous, maybe even a little stressed. I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I got that bad vibe I feel from some people sometimes.. But all that stress and nerves was for nothing.. Josh was a pot of “chulería”, as we say in Puerto Rico. The missing piece of the puzzle. He was full of joy and happiness and all the things you could hope to find in a person.

In the middle of that hot, fun, and crazy summer in Las Vegas, Josh greeted me with a warm affection as if we had known each other our whole lives. I was sure that he was the one and that all the fears or doubts that I may have had disappeared. Josh wasn’t just the one for Brian, he was the one for his friends and family as well. The perfect complement. During the weekend we dedicated ourselves to getting to know each other better, sharing stories, making plans, and creating the foundations of a friendship. We bonded over a wonderful dinner at an Italian restaurant, chatting over drinks in a Las Vegas bar, having Puerto Rican food for lunch, and taking a photo that became the statement of our friendship: a selfie by the pool... drink in hand.

When it was time to return from my trip there was one thing that was definitive, Josh and I were already friends and happy for what the future would bring: the wedding. Their new life. The beginning of the best of stories. I was happy for them, but also happy because I was going to witness a true demonstration of a love that is possible.

After months of waiting, the moment had arrived. It was time to head out to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for the big event of the year. Friends of both families would travel from the United States and Puerto Rico to celebrate Brian and Josh. And by celebrate, I mean party until dawn... I am not exaggerating. We were ready to party, celebrate, and above all dance until the last song and then, maybe one more.

Everyone was set to arrive bit by bit before the ceremony. The plan was simple: enjoy the beach and the white sand, drinks under the tropical sun, and time by the pool. Living. Creating memories and solidifying the ties that had brought us together.

The Caribbean landscape and atmosphere could not have been a better host. From the first day, the sun came out in full splendor and illuminated our days in the best way. The sky dressed its best sunsets, and the night gave us a sea of stars. The Dominican sky served us as a roof and witnessed the love and strength of friendship. The ceremony was splendid. Elegant and honest. Loaded with love and full of tears. Tears of happiness, pride, and emotion. The emotion of witnessing the most honest and detached way of loving, opening your heart and daring to create a new path.

Thank you for allowing us to witness what pure and real love is. I know that that weekend will remain engraved in my mind and the minds of everyone who was there. We will remember having danced to Despacito at midnight, the dawn in which we talked about bambi… and elk meat. The cold coconuts on the beach, and those of us who didn’t manage to get one. The sancocho with rice at noon by the beach. The shots. Oh, the countless shots we had. All the photos. All the joy.

Thank you, Brian and Josh, for allowing me to be a part of this very beautiful and special moment. Thanks to all friends and family for creating a bond full of good vibes and good energy; and of course, my combo from Trujillo...


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