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I always thought my sabbatical would be in a distant country, reading and exploring with a coffee in hand, but no. Life builds our paths without warning us. And suddenly, when they are right in front of us, we have no choice but to walk them. Even if it's tough!

I always saw that sabbatical the professors talked about in university as that time to live the life we all want to live, which sometimes is so challenging. I never thought mine would come as it did...

For the past sixteen years, I have devoted myself body and soul to my profession. Always trying to be that up-to-date teacher, trying to innovate in the classroom, making literary classics interesting or bringing them closer to the Spanish language and Latin culture.

But after two years of health problems, countless doctor visits, tests, diagnoses, treatments... I said, enough is enough. My body was asking for a break.

So, after much contemplation, talking with family and several friends, the sabbatical would be my destination.

I'm sure many people thought I was crazy for quitting my job, giving up my apartment, and putting a pause on the life I was living. But the reality is, when you're going through a health process far away from your family, your home, your people, it becomes more and more difficult.

Last year, a dear friend took a few months off and went on a sabbatical in Asia... I admired her so much for doing it because she needed it, and it was the right time.

Professional women are demanded so much from and valued so little... The expectations placed upon us are so high that they're almost laughable. The idea of putting our career on hold for many means we'll never recover and that it will be the end... but what end?

Throughout my years in the profession, I have seen a handful of colleagues and friends pass away, for various reasons, and I always ask myself the same question: What did they miss out on doing? And I don't want to die with that question unanswered. It's not like I'm going to die soon, but... I want to make the most of this pause for myself. Rest, heal, write.

With that, I ask you to take care of yourselves. Go to the doctor, try to sleep more and better, and above all, seek happiness. That's all that matters, and it's what we'll take with us.


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